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App works with Wifi but not with 3G


My app is working perfectly on Simulator and in the iPhone when Wifi is enabled, but it doesn't work when I turn off the Wifi and try to use my 3G connection.

Any tips? Is it related to the info.plist or any other configuration?


— asked May 29th 2010 by Antonio Silveira
  • 3g
  • info.plist
  • wifi

3 Answers

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    I'm not sure how that's possible. When you say it doesn't work, what does that mean?

    — answered May 29th 2010 by Jeff Haynie
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    • Hi Jeff, I am uploding a photo to TwitPic, adapting the Snapshot code.

      On Simulator works great. When I install the app on my Device, I always get an error when uploading with the Wifi disabled. But works fine with the Wifi.

      PS: tested on iPhone 3G running OS 3.1.2 (SDK 3.2) and on iphone 3Gs running OS 4 (SDK 4 beta 4)
      Mobile SDK 1.3.0
      Ti Developer 1.2.1
      OSX 10.6.3


      — commented May 29th 2010 by Antonio Silveira
  • Just adding some more data to this issue I am having.

    Running on iPhone OS4, I am getting the following error on XHR.onerror() method

    Domain=ASIHHTPRequestErrorDomain Code=2 "The request timed out" UserInfo=0x7718fa0 {NSLocalizedDescription=The request timed out}

    — answered May 31st 2010 by Antonio Silveira
    • would it be possible to give a reproducible test case? we have a test case for this in KS and works fine.

      — commented May 31st 2010 by Jeff Haynie
    • I did a work around on this error, it seems to be working properly now, Thanks.

      — commented June 1st 2010 by Antonio Silveira
  • Hi,

    I am having the same issue now with an app that connects to a couple of web services.

    The first service is a user login that returns a session key from the server. This session key is then pass in the header of subsequent request.

    I am finding that the subsequent requests behave as if the session key was not passed at all.

    This works fine in the simulator and in WiFi on iPhone 4. It also works OK on simulator via 3G Personal Hotspot to iPhone 4. It's as though the iPhone is resetting something in the 3G connection.

    @Antonio, can you describe what your work around was in case it might help my situation?

    Kind regards


    — answered June 15th 2011 by Mark Poston
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