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Find bug for httpxmlrequest

Hi i have create an application, i think that is ready for all piatform but this is not ok!

My application dialogue with server restful so when i update a record i lanch with dojo or jquery a httpxml request with "put".

This is ok on Macosx but when i launch my titanium app in windows the request receive from server is get!

Can you help me????

— asked May 29th 2010 by gianluca rettore
  • delete
  • get
  • httpxmlrequest
  • post
  • put

1 Answer

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    This is a known issue for Titanium Desktop. (and same thing I think happens in Safari, etc).

    The suggested workaround (unfortunately) is to use a secondary field and check that field on your server code internally.

    — answered May 29th 2010 by Jeff Haynie
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    • Thank you for your answer! I have already found a problem so i have path my application with dojo to use Titanium createHttpRequest with PUT verb, and now all is ok!

      Thank you!

      — commented May 31st 2010 by gianluca rettore
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