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Deploy to Android device without connecting USB

I would like to deploy a test app to an Android device that is not physically located with me. Is there anyway to create a package that I can create to then be deployed to an Android device on a different computer?

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

— asked May 29th 2010 by Eliot Dill
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3 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    You can also put the app.apk on your own website, download site, etc. There aren't restrictions distributing Android apps. You will however need to tell/set the other device to allow third-party applications.

    — answered May 29th 2010 by Don Thorp
  • Yep - in your project folder you'll see a build/android/bin folder - in which you'll see an app.apk. Copy it to the other machine and drop it onto the phone - you can then install it.

    — answered May 29th 2010 by David Ashwood
    1 Comment
    • My app.apk in that folder isn't updated. How can I force the rebuild?
      I started from the Alloy Two tabs standard template, and did a couple of changes to learn how it works, but if I put the APK on my phone, it still display the standard template.

      — commented November 6th 2013 by Lorenzo Lago
  • Well, I suppose that does make sense. Worked like a champ. –Thanks

    — answered June 7th 2010 by Eliot Dill
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