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Problem installing a test app on iPad "because it is not signed"

I'm tearing my hair out here..

I've been trying to test a brand new iPad app - just using the demo code from a new project to begin with - on the device.

I've gone through all the same procedure which I do for all the iPhone apps which I test on my devices - creating an appID with Apple, generating and installing a provisioning profile in xcode - all with the correct (triple-checked app id the same as in the project)

Yet when I go to install it on the device, iTunes looks like it's installing it, then says The application "AppName" was not installed on the iPad "myiPadName" because it is not signed.


This is so weird, since I have been able to install the KitchenSink-iPad demo on the device with no problem - after creating an appID (within my domain) and provisioning profile for it.

Anyone have ony ideas? This is doing my head in??

— asked May 30th 2010 by Kosso
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4 Answers

  • Suffering from same problem, and have an issue open with them on premium support.

    — answered May 30th 2010 by salo corgan
  • Got any answer for it?

    — answered June 11th 2010 by Carlos Perez
  • I encountered one message like that on iPad device installation, it was the Default.png splash image missing. Actually i removed that image to test the splash image behavior. By Apple guideline, you don't need this image to work if you already specific other orientation default images such as Default-Landscape.png,Default-LandscapeLeft.png,Default-Portrait.png…and etc but Titanium failed to do so.

    Hope this related to your issue.

    — answered June 11th 2010 by Daniel Lim
  • Did anyone find an answer here?

    — answered June 21st 2010 by Sumit Kataria
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