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Behavior Driven Development

I am committed to BDD.
We use Cucumber & RSpec for all our ruby projects.
Has anyone attempted to use these BDD tools with Titanium.

We are looking at leveraging our Ruby / BDD skills for mobile development.
What if any Testing technologies are known to work with Titanium.

— asked March 9th 2010 by Steven Holloway
  • bdd
  • Cucumber
  • RSpec
  • ruby
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  • There's titanium-jasmine which I'm going to be trying on my next project:

    — commented April 29th 2011 by Todd Huss

6 Answers

  • I am wondering about this myself. I posted a [question]:https://developer.appcelerator.com/question/741/unit-testing-support about it. I would love to be able to do BDD with mobile apps I develop using Titanium, but without a JavaScript (and mockable) skeleton of the Titanium APIs, I don't think there is a way to do it.

    — answered March 11th 2010 by Mario Aquino
  • There's titanium-jasmine which I'm going to be trying on my next project. It's totally lame that Appcelerator is the only mobile dev environment that I'm aware of now that doesn't including a testing environment with the core platform.

    For such a great platform it's surprising the engineers at Appcelerator didn't start with the testing framework and then build the platform. As a programmer in the bay area you could get away with "I don't test" 5 years ago but nowadays not testing as part of your development process just means you don't get hired.

    — answered April 29th 2011 by Todd Huss
  • I too am commited to BDD (with Cucumber & RSpec). It makes my physical ill to not have that safety net and guidance when developing for Titanium (+ it takes forever to manually test things)

    I'm very interested in any pointers to this too.


    — answered March 19th 2010 by Jens-Christian Fischer
  • Wow. I know this question was asked 4 YEARS ago, but we are right there with you, Steven.

    Cucumber is now possible on Titanium. I promise to have viable BDD training very soon including outside-in TDD for Titanium. For now check this out:


    — answered September 24th 2013 by Andrew McElroy
  • Bill Dawson has also provided a Jasmine-based framework, called TiJasmine hosted on github. I'm learning it now because should.js is broken in Alloy 1.3 which prevents me from using ti-mocha (per Tony Lukasavage). Since js testing frameworks are new to me, I'm not predisposed to any one in particular. I just want something simple and effective. I'd rather focus on building great apps.

    — answered March 3rd 2014 by Michael Stelly
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