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Coldfusion 9 and appcelerator

I am a coldfusion developer and I was wondering if there are any plans to include CFML as a language module for titanium?


— asked June 1st 2010 by Erik Fenkell
  • mobilesdk

2 Answers

  • Not true at all!

    Erik never mentioned Adobe ColdFusion. He said "CFML". Which means that the open source and totally free Railo would work also.


    Please include this ! :-)


    — answered July 24th 2011 by Giorgoc G.
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    • that's correct!

      — commented April 16th 2012 by George Georgiou
  • Each user of your app would need to buy a ColdFusion server license ($1,299) just to operate it on their machine. PHP is free, that's why it can be distributed to users without licensing fees. You can always use ColdFusion on your own server to generate XML files, etc. and then have Titanium pull in the info using XHR requests. But then your users would be required to be connected to the internet to update.

    — answered June 1st 2010 by Chris Macke
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