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Titanium Mobile Roadmap : is it still up to date ?

I have a few simple questions : is the "Titanium Mobile Roadmap" (http://developer.appcelerator.com/doc/mobile/roadmap/) up to date ? When was it last updated ? Are those features still planned ? Some added ?

Here are the features I am interested in (and would need them in a few weeks) :

  • localization
  • Open Graph API (Facebook "like" buttons)
  • I might also be interested in the in-app commerce thing…depends how it works.

Is july still possible ? Late july or like july 4th ? :)

Thanks !

PS : I would

— asked June 2nd 2010 by Jean-Philippe Boily
  • facebookapi
  • features
  • localization
  • mobile
  • nextrelease
  • opengraph
  • roadmap

2 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    I'll try and update in the next or so. Thanks for pointing this out! We have a lot of very exciting stuff in the works and coming in the summer time.

    — answered June 3rd 2010 by Jeff Haynie
  • In the next… ? Week ? :)

    Thanks !

    — answered June 3rd 2010 by Jean-Philippe Boily
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