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emailDialog woes

SDK: 1.3.0
Row, with a button, whose Click Event calls emailDialog.

EmailDialog is called fine, with all the intended parameters (subject, body, To: is blank so user can pick).

Clicking Send - does nothing. Send button is greyed out, Cancel also.
However, pressing iPhone's Home button, email IS sent.

Problem 2:
Sometimes (with no pattern), clicking Cancel will crash the app, like this:
[DEBUG] Session did end with error (null)
[INFO] Application has exited from Simulator

Anyone else encountered this problem?
Any help appreciated in advance.

— asked June 2nd 2010 by Pedro B.
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  • I'm not seeing this behavior in the simulator or on my device. I have iPhone SDK 3.2 final, Titanium Mobile 1.3.0.

    — commented June 2nd 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
  • Hi there Pedro, Do you have any non-alpha-numeric chars in the title or body? - just a thought. cheers, Chris.

    — commented June 2nd 2010 by Chris Reed

2 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    Hi Pedro,

    See the link below for a stripped-down sample of code that goes through 2 tableviews to an email dialog. It works here, but does it work for you there?



    — answered June 2nd 2010 by Chris Reed
  • Thanks for your input and ideas.

    @Kevin: SDK 3.2 final, Titanium 1.3.0 here, too. (i might reinstall though,
    just to be sure).

    @Chris: i -had-, but afterwards i just retried with a very plain title and body (both saying "test").
    Same thing happened.

    Could there be a problem with the "final" emaildialog being a child of a tableview->row->click event->new window->2nd tableview->row->button in row->click button event-> emaildialog?
    (this is the full "route" of my app until the email button stage)

    — answered June 2nd 2010 by Pedro B.
    • It could be - does the e-mail client work when you run it in, say, the Kitchen Sink?

      — commented June 2nd 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
    • Doesn't sound like it should be a killer, give me a minute and I'll dummy up some similar code to check…

      — commented June 2nd 2010 by Chris Reed
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