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Any way to remove all child views from a view?

I have a scroll view that I populate with a grid of image views, however, I need a way to remove all of those image views at once. Anyone know how?

— asked June 4th 2010 by Bill Labus
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2 Answers

  • I use a view container to hold the scrollview obj and to remove it, i would call the remove method like viewcontainer.remove(scrollview)

    — answered June 4th 2010 by Daniel Lim
  • I would use fireEvent on the mainview and listeners on image views…

    — answered June 6th 2010 by michel perrin
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    • Could you elaborate on how that would be done? I basically just need to remove them at a time of my choosing, not from any type of event.

      — commented June 6th 2010 by Bill Labus
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