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PHP Frameworks on Titanium

Is it possible to use PHP frameworks like Yii, Prado or Zend in Titanium? All my attempts have failed :(

I'm going to start a desktop project, when I saw Titanium I got really impressed. If I can't use a framework like Yii, do you have any other sugestion to make a RDA? Rails?

— asked June 5th 2010 by Rafael Piccolo
  • desktop
  • framework
  • php
  • prado
  • rails
  • rda
  • yii
  • zend

2 Answers

  • I know that the venerable Phil Sturgeon has posted some code on how to get CodeIgniter working inside Titanium.

    Funkatron, as part of an EECI2010 presentation, has put up some slides that explain other basic concepts here that you might find useful and interesting.

    — answered June 5th 2010 by Kerim Satirli
  • Can just make a comment to Zends Framework.
    Sure you can use parts of it. But a lot of the stuff they do are linked to the routing and such stuff you dont have in an app.

    I tryed my best for an "nice" RDA but completly failed … but that should mean nothing ;-)

    — answered June 5th 2010 by Moritz Spindelhirn
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