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Ad-Hoc, finally working :)

It's 6 am and I spent the whole night trying to get ad-hoc build working. I kept getting signing errors or entitlements missing errors. So I created a new test prj in xcode and compared the .xcodeproj file generated by titanium to the test project's .xcodeproj. And finally toward the end, I hit the missing part! Turns out the titanium isn't generating the CODE_SIGN_ENTITLEMENTS key in the project.xcodeproj file. I opened up the generated .xcodeprj file into a text editor and added this line to the release portion: "CODE_SIGN_ENTITLEMENTS = Resources/Entitlements.plist" (Don't forget to open the Entitlements.plist file and uncheck the 'get-task-allow' option). Did a clean build, dropped it into iTunes and boom! No freaking errors!


I believe that is the reason why titanium isn't adding the line.

Just a note that you do have to create ad-hoc profile from the dev center and do a build from xcode, not titanium. With titanium i kept getting "build not found" errors, even after I updated to 1.3.1, regular non-adhoc distribution compiled fine tho.

— asked June 5th 2010 by Sj Singh
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  • I also get entitlements missing errors. I don't quite understand what you mean by you opened the generated .xcodeprj file. isn't the .xcodeprj a package that contains a project.pbxproj extension. Surely that is what you meant. Now I opened that file and found a number of build configurations near the bottom. I added the CODE_SIGN_ENTITLEMENTS = Resources/Entitlements.plist property to the 'release' build configurations, but still no luck. Any ideas?

    — commented August 11th 2010 by De Wet Steynberg
  • I'm also a bit confused. Sj, would it be possible for you to explain the steps you took in a bit more detail?
    Thanks in advance.

    — commented August 12th 2010 by Jag Lavek

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  • Need help on this too, anyone has any detail about this?

    — answered January 13th 2011 by ark chong
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