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App doesn't work anymore since titanium new installation


I developed an Iphone App on Titanium 1.2 if i remember.
All goes fine and almost complete.

Then, i had to change my macbook.
So i reinstall xcode, latest titanium, etc…

And now my app doesn't work anymore :
My app was structured on the tiapp.xml with the windows tag in it.
but titanium says its deprecated.
So i tried to implement the app.js, but all my work is fucked up (custom table view don't work)

So what's the deal, where the informations saying who to make the transition ?

Please : Take a look at that code who works previously perfectly (was supposed to display coll custom tableview)

— asked June 7th 2010 by Yann Marzack
  • app.js
  • compatibility
  • sdk
  • tiapp

1 Answer

  • Finally, i found some informations.

    For Custom Table views, there is a tutorial here :

    and the last kitchenSink demo shows the right way to code. (in a sub-sub-sub-menu of the UI-TAB ;-)

    — answered June 29th 2010 by Yann Marzack
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