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How to protect my app, not being cracked! Please help, someone wants to crack it!

I finally released my paid app last week.
I look up Google searching for any pirate copies of my app are in process of being cracked. In fact, I found one guy asking for a cracked version of my app.

Please is there anyway I can protect my app?
Is there a unique transaction ID from the AppStore for legal users who purchased the app so I can verify each user against a callback from my server. So, I can catch the cracked copy and shut them down?

Also, is there a method to shut the app down?

Thank you, please help me!
This sucks!

— asked June 9th 2010 by Sam Al
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2 Answers

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    Sulaiman, out of curiosity what is the name of your app. I would like to have a look at it.


    — answered June 9th 2010 by Richard James
  • There is no unique callback ID you can verify as far as I know.

    What you can do is try to access something outside your apps sandbox; if that works, you can quite safely assume that you are on a jailbroken phone.

    Please note, however, that not all apps running on a jailbroken phone have to be pirated.

    You can get around piracy by making only a free app and adding premium features as an in-app purchase. One of the upcoming Mobile SDK releases will support this.

    — answered June 9th 2010 by Kerim Satirli
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    • Thank you for helping!
      But a jailbroken app doesn't really mean that the user has a pirate copy!
      Do you have any idea when is the "in-app purchases are coming" ?

      Also, I'm wondering if I can read the signature in the info.plist from my app, I think I can catch a cracked version of my app!

      Thank you friend!

      — commented June 10th 2010 by Sam Al
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