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Bug: Table row font doesn't work on iPhone

I've seen this issue in my own app (using Titanium Mobile 1.3), but I'll use the KitchenSink so that you know it's not elsewhere in my code. I'm altering the font size but it has no effect on the iPhone (SDK 3.1.3)

It looks fine on Android (screenshot below).

Line 10 of table_view_layout.js… altered fontSize to 8…

    {title:'Play Movie',backgroundImage:'../images/tableview/off_1.png', 
selectedBackgroundImage:'../images/tableview/on_1.png', leftImage: '../images/tableview/phone_playmovie.png'},

— asked June 9th 2010 by Matt Collinge
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3 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    Ooooo I didn't think this was possible. I thought I was just doing it wrong. I'll submit a feature request since I'm a subscriber.

    — answered June 9th 2010 by Ryan Gartin
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    • Excellent; thanks Ryan.

      — commented June 10th 2010 by Matt Collinge
  • Yea the font property didn't work for me. I ended up creating a label inside of the row and changing the font for the label

    — answered June 9th 2010 by Sj Singh
  • I may be wrong, but I thought it wasn't possible to modify the appearance of the "Title" attribute of a tableview row. In order to customize text in a tableview row, you have to use Labels.

    — answered June 9th 2010 by karlo kilayko
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    • The code in the KitchenSink file table_view_layout.js has font declarations for each row of data, so if it's not possible they should remove it. Plus, since it works on Android I'm guessing it's just a bug in the iPhone code.

      — commented June 10th 2010 by Matt Collinge
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