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Anyone used these open source apps as a base to build on Titanium? Total newbie here - seems like this is the best place to be for mobile development!

— asked June 10th 2010 by Jeromy Darling
  • drupal
  • joomla
  • wordpress
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  • Drupal works very well rest details are in link to presentation below … btw that is mine too.

    — commented December 14th 2010 by Sumit Kataria

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  • A recent DrupalCon presentation covers this topic:


    — answered June 11th 2010 by Steve Yelvington
  • Yes. I use a customized version of Wordpress MU. With it, you can easily create an api that efficiently taps into the core and performs CRUD tasks via XML-RPC or restful.

    In some situations, I map various calls directly through mod_rewrite to an existing WP plugin, bypassing the stack altogether. This allows for highly optimized routines while still having the resources available from WP.

    — answered June 11th 2010 by TZ Martin
    • Terry,
      I am trying to use an install of WPMU I have as the backend base CMS that use could update and would then dynamically feed into the the Titanium iPhone app. Would also like the ability to have users post comments in the iPhone app and have them pushed and moderated frmo WPMU.

      Have you (or could you :-) ) post some specific codes snippets / examples of the specific WPMU XML-RPC / Restful code where/how in WPMU and how it was pulled into Titanium and displayed.

      I would really love to get this app going using WPMU in the back-end but I am not seeing how to do it.

      THanks in advance,

      — commented June 15th 2010 by Sway Ciaramello
    • I am interested in a very similar solution. I have a wordpress site working as a photo sharing site. The goal for the app would be to create a post that has an image attachement from the device (gallery or camera). There should be a login screen as well. Think something like this is possible with titanium?

      — commented September 2nd 2011 by Craig Snodgrass
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