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iPhone: Why is top nav bar only available on child windows to tabs?


I'm sure this is a basic question but I have to ask it anyways:

Why is the top nav bar on iPhone apps (the nav bar on the top that has a back button, title, right button, etc) only available when the window is a child of a tab?

I want to have the top nav bar present but I don't want or need a tab group, as it would have only one tab anyways.

Thank you!!


— asked June 10th 2010 by Ryan Asleson
  • iphone

2 Answers

  • I dealt with the same problem. Don't waste your time fighting it. Simply hide the tabGroup even if you end up having just one tab and you'll get what you want and no tabBar will be shown.

    — answered June 10th 2010 by Kyle Quest
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    • How do you hide it and still have it open in that case? I am trying the same thing and I can't get the nav group to work.

      — commented June 17th 2010 by M B
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