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picker reloadColumn not working


I'm trying to reload new rows in the Picker as follows.

    var column = picker.columnAt (0);
    column.rows = [{title:'row1'}, {title:'row2'}];    
    picker.reloadColumn (picker_data);

But I keep getting the following errors,

{"message":"Result of expression 'routeCallPicker.reloadColumn' [undefined] is not a function.","line":532,"sourceId":155958248,"sourceURL":"file://localhost/Users/gaurav/workspace/titanium/UnifiedCommunicationsClient/Resources/status_window.js","expressionBeginOffset":9914,"expressionCaretOffset":9942,"expressionEndOffset":9956}

Can someone suggest how we need to reload data in picker?

— asked June 10th 2010 by Gaurav Srivastva
  • picker
  • reloadcolumn

1 Answer

  • Accepted Answer

    The solution is to reinstance a picker like :

    //Create a picker
    var picker = Titanium.UI.createPicker();
    // Your treatment and code
    //Reinstance the picker to refresh
    — answered June 10th 2010 by Guillaume LAFOUTRY
    • not working for me.

      — commented June 4th 2012 by amir lellouche
    • Lafoutry,

      Can you please explain more about this….??? b,coz it's also not working for me.

      — commented January 9th 2013 by Sarafaraz Babi
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