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Map annotation and new nav window


I'm trying to open a new window when someone clicks on an annotation rightButton. I can open a normal window but I would like one that has a nav bar and a back button. I've tried this to no avail. Was wondering if anyone could see where I'm going wrong. It's a map inside a tab view:

        var annotation = evt.annotation;
        var myid = (evt.annotation)?evt.annotation.myid:-1;
        if (evt.clicksource == 'rightButton')
            var window = Titanium.UI.createWindow({
               backgroundColor: 'white',

— asked June 10th 2010 by Giv Parvaneh
  • iphone
  • window

1 Answer

  • try this.

            url: 'some_window.js',
            title: 'name',
            backgroundImage: 'images/background.png',
            barColor: '#000000',
            navBarHidden: false,
            tabBarHidden: true
    — answered June 10th 2010 by Gaurav Srivastva
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    • Thanks @Gaurav but this doesn't work either. I have a feeling it's not so much the construction of the window but how it is opened. Is it Titanium.UI.currentTab.open(window,{animated:true}); or just window.open()? Needless to say I've tried both.

      — commented June 10th 2010 by Giv Parvaneh
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