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Animation position bug?

I'm fairly new to Titanium so I'm not sure if this is a bug or a misuse on my part but I think I've found an issue with imageviews and animation. If I create an imageview, display its position, then animate it 200 pixels to the right and display its position again, there is no change in position. I am using left and top positioning in all cases (not center). I have tried the very same thing using center positioning and animatedCenter but I get the same result. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Is it a reported bug?

An example of my situation (I'm simplifying the real code):

var myImageview = Titanium.UI.createImageView({



myImageview.animate({left:200}, function(){alert(myImageview.left);

…both times it reports "0", whereas I would expect it to be 0 in the first case and 200 in the second.

— asked June 10th 2010 by Tony Masciola
  • animate
  • imageview

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    I think you actually have to pass the new centered point with the animate function. See this example: http://github.com/appcelerator/KitchenSink/blob/master/1.3.x/KitchenSink/Resources/examples/animation_points.js … its exactly what you're trying do plus it also moves down. Download kitechsink and look under animation to see the demo.

    — answered June 12th 2010 by Sj Singh
  • Try this

      var a = Ti.UI.createAnimation();
          a.left = 200;
          a.duration = 500;
    — answered June 10th 2010 by Daniel Lim
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    • @Daniel: Thank you for the idea. I thought for sure you had the solution there but it seems to produce the same result. It still shows the end result of myImageview.left = 0 (even though the imageview has clearly animated to left = 200). It's very possible that I have another mistake hidden in there that is causing all of this but I can't find anything. Did you actually compile code with your suggestion and get a different result? That would help me narrow down the cause of the issue.

      — commented June 10th 2010 by Tony Masciola
  • Has anyone encountered this issue? Can anyone prove it working (with either method described here) so I can narrow it down to my own mistake? I am pretty much dead in the water with some core code I'm developing until I solve this. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

    — answered June 12th 2010 by Tony Masciola
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