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Is the iPhone's MPMediaPickerController implemented?

I was wondering if the iPhone's MPMediaPickerController has been implemented in Titanium, or if another method is being used for retrieving a list of the user's music?

I found the MediaModule class on Git that appears to do this sort of thing:

However, I don't see any references to this in the Docs.

Thanks for the help!

— asked June 11th 2010 by Donald Hughes
  • iphone
  • ipod
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    KitchenSink has a demo of how to get the music on an iPhone's 'iPod'

    See in the 'Phone' tab and the 'Music' option

    — answered June 11th 2010 by Kosso
    • Thanks for the suggestion, but there's not a 'Music' option under 'Phone' on the KitchenSink 1.3 app. Maybe it was removed?

      — commented June 11th 2010 by Donald Hughes
    • This is now available in 1.4rc1.

      — commented July 8th 2010 by Donald Hughes
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