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WebKit Animations

I've been trying to get css-animations to work in Titanium, and it seems as if the use of @-webkit-keyframes does not work as expected. It is very laggy and some effects won't even animate, especially with percentage properties within @-webkit-keyframes.

Anyone have an idea why and if this is fixable?

(I've done the whole UI with CSS3 so I really want this to work).

Demo URL: http://nimbus.kodlabbet.net/

CSS URL: http://nimbus.kodlabbet.net/assets/css/style.css

— asked June 11th 2010 by Robin Grass
  • animation
  • css3
  • desktop
  • osx

2 Answers

  • Has this been fixed? I just downloaded the Studio…doesn't look that way. Why bother with titanium if it can't support HTML5/ CSS3?

    — answered February 10th 2012 by Kendall Me
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