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Picker doesn't render correctly


Sometimes (often) when I run my app in the simulator my pickerViews goes black, just a black rectangle. Even the height can change. Have anyone else had this problem? Does anyone recognize this problem? Is it something wrong with the simulator? Is it a bug in Titanium? Can it be that I've very many element in the picker (over 200)?


Sometimes the height of the picker change even though I haven't change the height of the picker in my code (I haven't given the property height any value). Have this happen to anyone else?

— asked June 13th 2010 by Adam Folkesson
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    I've seen that. As soon as you set a value via code, the picker appears.

    Odd problem. I've got 4 pickers not overlapping.

    — answered June 16th 2010 by George Bray
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