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Entourage Expressions and Scope

I am trying to work with Entourage and the Zend Framework and I have much of it wired up but although I can see that my request goes out, the response does not seem to get consumed. In the request, I see that the Scope is set to 'Appcelerator' and there is nothing I can find that tells how to define the Scope when using Expressions.

So, in order to eliminate that as a concern I thought I would ask if Scope matters when using Expressions, and if so how does one go about specifying the Scope?

I hope this is a good place to ask this. It seems that all reference to Entourage is all but gone from this site. If there is a better place to address this type of question, simply let me know and I will take it there.

— asked March 17th 2010 by Steven Hill
  • entourage
  • expressions
  • scope

1 Answer

  • Actually, I have seen that in the example code there is a scope="*" at the end of the 'on' attribute.

    If I had done these two things the other way around, I would not have submitted the question. I hope someone else at least benefits from the question.

    Consider this one closed.

    — answered March 17th 2010 by Steven Hill
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