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Properties.getInt on Android error?

I'm getting an error on Android only when trying to use properties.getInt().

On the first page i set a property, which is getting an id from a database query result set:

    //Set a property so that we can refer back to it

Then on the following page i retrieve the property:

//Get property value we set earlier
var categoryId = Titanium.App.Properties.getInt("category");

In the emulator & on a real Android device I get:

"Wrapped java.lang.IllegalArgumentException:argument type mismatch"

I'm guessing that this should work fine. However looking at the KitchenSkin code I see that they are retrieving all of the setters using getString even when the property is set using setInt()?

Is this a known bug? Is the answer to get all set properties as Strings when I really need an int?

UPDATE I am now sure this is a bug. getString works fine getInt crashes the app in Android.

— asked June 14th 2010 by James Whittaker
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  • What is the actually value being sent to setInt?

    — commented June 15th 2010 by Don Thorp
  • Don, I get this same error when explicitly sending setInt an int:

    Titanium.App.Properties.setInt('score', 0);

    getInt produces the error, getString does not

    Android emulator 1.6, Titanium Mobile 1.3, Ubuntu 10.04

    — commented June 26th 2010 by Jeremy Raines
  • Did you figure out a solution for this? I have the exact same error on Android.

    — commented July 1st 2010 by Leigh Kayley

1 Answer

  • Same issue with getBool(), 4 weeks old anyone have any tips?

    Edit-> Found this in the sample:

    Titanium.API.info('String: '+ Titanium.App.Properties.getString('String'));
    Titanium.API.info('Int: '+ Titanium.App.Properties.getString('Int'));
    Titanium.API.info('Bool: '+ Titanium.App.Properties.getString('Bool'));
    Titanium.API.info('Double: '+ Titanium.App.Properties.getString('Double'));

    They're using getString for everything.

    The documentation shows:



    So this is a bug in my opinion.

    Confirmed workaround, set the default value which is used if the setting is not found:

    if (Ti.App.Properties.getBool('geo.testmode',false) === true) { }

    — answered July 9th 2010 by Justin Carlson
    • Well, this isn't really an answer is it… can't delete it though.

      — commented July 9th 2010 by Justin Carlson
    • No luck so far (although not tried on latest 1.3.3). All the KitchenSkin apps use getString. I'm using that for ints, which is not great. Is there a bug number for this or do we need to create one?

      — commented July 9th 2010 by James Whittaker
    • Edited answer, looks like we're to use getString and pass the expected type.

      — commented July 9th 2010 by Justin Carlson
    • Nevermind, they just named their vars the same as their types… sigh

      — commented July 9th 2010 by Justin Carlson
    • There is a ticket for this. Ticket 1035 you can work around it by adding a default parameter.

      — commented July 9th 2010 by Don Thorp
    • Thanks, I was just looking for the bug list!

      — commented July 9th 2010 by Justin Carlson
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