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Debug output doesn't work with 4.0 SDK

Ever since I upgraded to the iOS 4.0 SDK, calls like Titanium.API.info and Titanium.API.debug no longer print to the Titanium debug window. Nothing…

If I however open the XCode project and run from within XCode, these calls to correctly print to the XCode debug window…

Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround? It's taking me a lot of extra time because I always have to run in Titanium to compile, quit the simulator, open the xcode project and run from there to see any debug output…

— asked June 14th 2010 by Michael Steuer
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  • By the way - i did install the iOS 4 patch you guys provided…

    — commented June 14th 2010 by Michael Steuer

7 Answers

  • Michael, did you ever find an answer to this? I've also been having to debug through XCode since my debug and info calls do not show up in Titanium Developer.

    — answered July 6th 2010 by Christopher Rumpf
  • I am having this problem as well, any help from the Appcelerator team would be awesome.

    — answered July 7th 2010 by Nick Pulido
  • I had this problem with one of my projects after a storm shut down my computer. Turns out some files went bad so I created a new project in TiDev and copied over the Resources folder. Two minutes later I was back to programming :)

    — answered July 7th 2010 by Sj Singh
  • Same problem here. No Titanium.API.debug shows up on the console

    — answered August 12th 2010 by Daniel Goergen
  • Well, after unsuccessfully looking for a solution I stumbled by coincidence over a solution here:
    That solved the logging issue for me

    — answered August 14th 2010 by Daniel Goergen
  • Not sure if the same problem, But found if I started the emulator with Eclipse that the Titanium.API.debug and Titanium.API.info will not log via the Titanium Console.

    But you can see the Logging in Eclipse via DDMS on the LogCat Tab.

    I hope it helps as it took me a while to find!!

    — answered October 25th 2010 by Chris Maddison
  • For whatever reason, the app-generated console commands do not show in Run mode. However, by accident I found that they work just fine if you run in Debug. I don't know what changed with Studio, but it annoys the hell outta me.

    Moral: Run your app in the debugger - no need to set breakpoints, just run it. your Ti.API.whatever comments will magically appear.

    — answered December 9th 2013 by Michael Stelly
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