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When is 1.4 release for titanium mobile coming and any update on iOS 4.0 feature support?

When can we expect the iOS 4.0 support for using location service in the background apps? Is this going to be part of 1.4 release?

— asked June 14th 2010 by Gaurav Srivastva
  • 1.4
  • 4.0
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  • ios
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3 Answers

  • excellent question!! what happened to 1.4???????? this was the last word, posted here - http://bit.ly/bVmfCY -

    "Jeff Haynie says: June 28, 2010 at 5:04 pm
    Since it’s 5pm PST time here and we still have 5-6 regression issues we’re trying to fix and a another set of full testing we’ll have to do after that – we’re not going to be releasing today.
    We should be able to get this out here in the next day or so. Please stand by and send you good vibes to us. :)"

    so, obviously this was wrong, as it has been FIVE DAYS now since then. 1.32 fixed bugs, but also brought in new ones. which made it worthless in my case. 1.4 needs to be released NOW. i have customers asking me when my update is coming out - i had a refund even. i really get steve job's point, now. i can't do anything about this. i really hope it gets out this weekend. lighthouse says there is only 1 thing left for 1.4. of course, it's said that for days now.

    — answered July 2nd 2010 by paul seymour
  • I built the SDK from github and the version number now is 1.3.3 - see this commit: github commit

    Very confusing. :-(

    — answered July 3rd 2010 by Dominik Hahn
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    • nice find. but, umm… me being kinda clueless without instructions, i couldn't figure out what to do with this. would be nice if this had been officially released or announced somehow, considering how desperate some people are to get new versions out.

      — commented July 4th 2010 by paul seymour
  • I am facing groupded tables rows not rendering fine issues. Even with height set, problems persists.

    — answered July 3rd 2010 by Peter Lum
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    • i think everyone did. that is one thing 1.32 fixed. however, with that, tableview performance was then made quite bad. for my app, with long tableviews, it basically was not a good trade. thus, still no update.

      — commented July 4th 2010 by paul seymour
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