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Display sleep during audio playback question

When playing streaming audio it does not appear to be possible to allow the display to sleep, saving a lot of power.

Either the screen stays turned on all the time or you push the power button and the display sleeps and the audio stops.

Does anyone know if it is possible to either let it time out and go to sleep automatically or by pressing the power button and allow the audio to continue?

It does appear that this is possible as many other apps in the store do it.

Or does anyone know if this is being looked at in a future upgrade and if there is a timescale on that?

— asked June 15th 2010 by Stephen Page
  • display
  • playback
  • sleep
  • sound
  • stream

2 Answers

  • Somebody from appecelerator can please respond to this most IMPORTANT CONCERN.

    — answered May 10th 2012 by pawan jain
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