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Documentation: Titanium.UI.TableView#deleteRow


I just want to point out what may be an error in the online Titanium documentation.

For the Titanium.UI.TableView object, for its deleteRow method, the documentation states the method takes two parameters: row (of type object) and properties (of type object).

On both Android and iPhone, when I tried to delete a row by passing the actual Titanium.UI.TableViewRow object, it failed – on iPhone, it always deleted the first row, and on Android, it threw an error saying something about incompatible types.

When I switched to passing the index number of the row to be deleted, it worked on both platforms.

Just an FYI in case you want to update the online documentation. I was using SDK 1.3.

Thank you for the great work on Titanium!!


— asked June 16th 2010 by Ryan Asleson
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5 Answers

  • The documentation is still wrong and this should be fixed!

    — answered September 22nd 2010 by Magnus Ottosson
    • Please guys, how long does it take to fix the documentation?

      There are a number of errors in the API docs that need addressing, and a hell of a lot of undocumented features that still need adding.

      You're making an absolutely outstanding product pretty hard to commit to.

      — commented October 29th 2010 by Ian Young
    • I agree, Ian. I've created a ticket for this in the pro forums so hopefully they'll be there (since I'm paying them).

      — commented October 30th 2010 by Brandon Jackson
  • Completely correct. Thanks for posting this.

    — answered June 23rd 2010 by Ted Haeger
  • Argh! This is more wasted hours reading, re-reading and wondering if I lost my mind. Thanks for pointing this out. Defying docs is supposed to cause problems not solutions. Can't decide if Titanium is brilliant or a programmer fly trap.

    — answered June 23rd 2010 by Eric Laffoon
  • Thanks for posting this, saved me a lot of time. 11 months, still no doc update…

    — answered April 25th 2011 by Justin Toth
  • BUMP

    — answered May 1st 2011 by Mick Crozier
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