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How to display tons of photos in scrollview.

Lets say for displaying 100 photos in scrollableview fashion. do we need to create 100 imageviews and assign them to scrollview? Is there any better way for doing this?

— asked June 16th 2010 by Vinod Tella
  • imageview
  • scrollview
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  • sorry i mean scrollableView not scrollView

    — commented July 7th 2010 by Vinod Tella

2 Answers

  • what do you mean by "a good way"? and what platform are you looking at?

    I ask because I have a photo gallery app in the app store and I load up to 250 images in a gallery type view.

    — answered January 13th 2011 by Aaron Saunders
  • Looking for a good solution to this scrollable photo display too.

    Don't want the photo's in the default Android gallery.


    — answered January 13th 2011 by Brian Dittmer
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