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Custom fonts for ipad not working

Hello, I've been trying to get my own .ttf working on a label using the solutions listed in this
in this

I edit the info.plist.template file exactly as shown in both those articles, but when I relaunch the app (and maybe this is where i'm missing something - I just click "Launch" in TI developer), the fonts dont work. Also, the info.plist in in the build/iphone folder AND within the .app file DO NOT have the font data I've added to the .template file. Has something changed in TI 1.3.0?

I am using Titanium SDK 1.3.0 with the iPhone SDK 3.2

— asked June 16th 2010 by scott l
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  • ipad

3 Answers

  • Try this workaround.

    — answered July 29th 2010 by Caio Iglesias
  • Yea, they seemed to have fixed it in 1.4.0 since they made that info.plst change.

    Too bad it didnt work 2 months ago when I actually needed it.

    — answered August 3rd 2010 by scott l
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