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WIFI Connection Test

Hi, I'm trying to develop an application that makes connection with another mobile by WIFI connection. I can't find any videotuts about or docs.

Anyway can I test this web application to simulator locally ?

— asked June 17th 2010 by alex genovese
  • connection
  • local
  • mobile
  • test
  • wifi

2 Answers

  • You can't run 2 copies of the iPhone Simulator at the same time on the same machine - not sure about the Android Sim. Perhaps with VMware/VirtualBox/etc… you could run 2 VM's and do it that way - have each Simulator talk to the other - but since you're using Titanium, why not write a placeholder 'test' app in Titanium Desktop and talk to that?

    — answered June 18th 2010 by Ken Bantoft
  • I would like to develop an app test for which develop Wifi Connection and its stats. In another steps I'm interesting to create a connection between 2 mobiles by Wifi connection. Which classes must I use ? Is there any example in the site ?

    — answered July 15th 2010 by alex genovese
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