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Probably an obvious question but...

Ok this is probably a silly / obvious question but…

What determines how long the loading (default) image is displayed?

And specifically - How do I off load more work to be done while the loading image is being displayed?
Is it just a matter of what's in app.js?

Also as a tangent question…
I've seen some cool loading images that are animated.
Can that be done with an animated image - or is that they don't have a default image and the initial "screen" serves as a loading screen?

— asked June 18th 2010 by Doug Meade
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2 Answers

  • The bigger the app, the longer will be displayed the splash screen.
    You could simulate a "loading" animated splash screen by creating app.js as a single window with your animation then starting from here to load the rest of the app and hide the "loading" when you consider everything is done.

    — answered June 18th 2010 by Dan Tamas
  • So I guess there is no way to completely hide the splash screen?

    — answered September 11th 2010 by Takahito Torimoto
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