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FYI - Install on Device

This May Work for Android Devices having issues with "Run on Device" or installing the application on any Android OS device!

FYI for everyone.
I recently tried to install my application on my Android device. Had many issues. Trouble shot and reinstalled everything. I downloaded the Android SDK with the drivers revision 3 and everything installed correctly per Titanium's install documentation and Androids install documentation.
My device is an HTC Android Eris with Android OS 2.1.

The Android SDK driver download DOES NOT have the Eris's drivers in it. I had to go download the USB drivers from the HTC website. The HTC Sync files.

Keep this in mind if you are having issues installing your application on your any device via the Appcelerator "Install on Device" feature or command line. Make sure you install your devices' USB driver if not included in the Android's driver download. This will save you days of headaches.

I am running Windows Vista, Titanium Developer 1.2.1 and application is built with Titanium SDK 1.3.0.

Here's what you need to do

  1. Connect your device via USB.

  2. Command line to check if your driver is installed. adb devices or adb -d devices. It should list your devices. IF NOT, check to make sure you have the latest Android usb drivers installed (can be done in your ADK setup) and/or go to your device's manufacturer's website and get the USB drivers or Sync download software.
    Once you have downloaded and installed the software command line again. adb devices. It should then list your device.

  3. You need to go into your AndroidManifest.xml in your build folder of your application, copy it and make an AndroidManifest.custom.xml and put it in the same place your AndroidManifest.xml. Do not delete the AndroidManifest.xml. Go into your AndroidManifest.custom.xml and change 'debuggable' from "false" to "true" and save it. Test in the emulator if you want. It should still work.

  4. Ensure that on your device, its settings are set for debuggable is checked (Applications > Development > USB debugging), AND Unknown Sources is checked (Applications > Unknown Sources), AND Charge Only is checked (Connect to PC > Default connection type > Charge only).

  5. Go to Titanium, go to your "Run on Device" tab and click the "Install Now" button. It should install. After it is done, check in "All Programs" or your "Applications" area on your device. It should be there.

Be sure to customize your icon and your start up screen for your app for personalization from the default Appcelerator stuff.

Additional Stuff for HTC Eris Sync (includes USB drivers) or assuming HTC devices in general running Android.
Download HTC Sync Update for DROID ERIS (Verizon) (2.0.33) | 04.23.2010


Also another check would be to go to your android-sdk folder > tools > ddms. Your device should be listed and you should be able to debug using the ddms.

If you need clarification, let me know, I will try to post back the answer here. These are the steps I ultimately took to get this thing to work.

— asked June 18th 2010 by Carlos Mosqueda
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  • Carlos, I have a HTC Hero and this posting saved me really a lot of time. Thanks a lot!!

    — commented July 4th 2010 by Rolf Dohrmann
  • Sweet, helped me out. Thanks for sharing!

    — commented January 17th 2011 by Anthony Bailey
  • Why such helpful post has only 1 vote!!!

    — commented May 23rd 2013 by Muhammad Qasim

1 Answer

  • Which platform(s) required this. Could you add links to your post? That would help people find them.

    — answered June 18th 2010 by Don Thorp
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