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I just noticed that all of the apps I have done, even the kitchen Sink, has a blank ICON on my MBP. How is that resolved? Whant and where is that icon for declared?

— asked June 19th 2010 by vincent youmans
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4 Answers

  • You would have to put a file called "iTunesArtwork" (no extension) in the Resources/iphone folder. This file should be 512x512 pixels.

    When you then compile your app, the image will be included in the resulting .app / .ipa bundle.

    Hope this helps!

    — answered June 19th 2010 by Kerim Satirli
  • I just tried this and it worked like a champ:

    1. Create a 512x512 pixel .PNG file named default_app_logo.png and replace the file of the same name in the Resources folder.
    2. Copy this file to the name "iTunesArtwork", making sure to remove the .png extension, and put it in the Resources/iphone folder.
    3. Delete the current instance of your app from iTunes.
    4. Install your app from the Titanium Developer.
    — answered November 29th 2010 by Mark Pemburn
  • Does this still work? I'm using Titanium SDK 1.4, Ti Developer 1.2.1, iPhone SDK 4.0.1. I have a 512x512 PNG in Resources/iphone named "iTunesArtwork", but rebuilding does not seem to cause the iTunes icon to appear.

    — answered September 3rd 2010 by Mike Dosey
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    • (iTunes version 9.2)

      — commented September 3rd 2010 by Mike Dosey
  • "You would have to put a file called "iTunesArtwork"

    How to create this file "iTunesArtwork"?
    Is it a text file?

    — answered September 4th 2010 by Peter Lum
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