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lost titanium setup - how to reset

So I've just migrated from one mac to another (powerbook to mini) - transferred all dos and applications from one to the other… all seems fine, except…
Titanium Developer does not see any of the sdks (iphone or andoid) installed on the system, or seem to recognize WWDR or development certificates.

So - how much do I need to reinstall (do I need to re-download and reinstall all of xcode + the sdks, plus android sdks plus regenerate all my certificates!) or can I do some command line magic? or…

Thanks gurus!

— asked June 19th 2010 by david hoare
  • developer
  • mac
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1 Answer

  • hm - seems reinstalling xcode and the sdk did it… don't know what got corrupted on the move…

    — answered June 19th 2010 by david hoare
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