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Transfer XMLDoc Between JavaScript Pages using SetString & GetString?

Hi there.

I've got some XML data that needs to be accessible from various JavaScript pages.

Question 1: Can I use the setString and getString to do this?

Question 2: Are there limits to the size in setString/getString?


var CurrentXML = Titanium.App.Properties.getString('globalXML');

— asked June 19th 2010 by Simon Kok
  • getstring
  • setstring
  • xml

1 Answer

  • Were you able to get this to work? I ask because I'm trying to do the same thing but can't seem to use it to do things like this: var this_subject = xmlCache.item(i).getElementsByTagName("Group_x0020_Name").item(0).text;

    — answered August 25th 2011 by Rodney Fickas
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