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Load and Stay in Landscape mode

I have an app with two tabs, i want them to load in landscape mode and stay that way. I can use the

Titanium.UI.orientation = Titanium.UI.LANDSCAPE_LEFT;

to make them turn to landscape, but there's that little brief animation where it starts in portrait and spins sideways, how do i prevent that animation to where it literally just stays in landscape? I looked all through the questions but haven't found a real solution yet

— asked June 19th 2010 by Baylor Barbee
  • landscape
  • orientation

3 Answers

  • I would like to know this as well. Apparently there is a ticket open, but it keeps getting pushed back.

    — answered June 20th 2010 by scott l
  • No one have a answer for this ? same issue here. Thanks in advanced.

    — answered August 23rd 2010 by Esteban Fernandez
  • For iPhone

    win.orientationModes = [Titanium.UI.LANDSCAPE_LEFT];
    Titanium.UI.orientation = Titanium.UI.LANDSCAPE_LEFT;

    For Android

    check out the link

    — answered August 24th 2010 by Satta Ravi
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    • On the iPhone, this causes the app to open in portrait and then animate into landscape. I think the people here (incl myself) are more interested in the app just opening in landscape & staying that way.

      — commented March 1st 2011 by Philip Kaplan
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