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Assign Global Shortcuts to Titanium Desktop Apps


How do you assign some global shortcuts to your Titanium Desktop Apps?

For example I would like on a shortcut at any time be able to show my app main window. Is it possible to do this right now with the current SDK?

Thank you!

— asked June 22nd 2010 by Guillaume De Lazzer
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1 Answer

  • You can detect the press of a key combination in javascript, there are plenty of plugins for frameworks that make this easy. (ex. jQuery).

    To show the app's main window you can use

    win = Titanium.UI.getMainWindow();
    — answered June 22nd 2010 by Logan Mortimer
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    • Thank you for your fast answer. But the shortcuts created that way wouldn't they be restrained to the application context?

      When I wrote global I meant OS-wise screenshots: I am in an other application and I could recall my application's main window with a shortcut.

      Thank you for your help!

      — commented June 23rd 2010 by Guillaume De Lazzer
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