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target a tableView on a different tab?

i'm wanting to know if there's a way to target a tableView from another tab, also selecting a 'row' to open as well.

in first tab, after an action completes successfully, it changes to the second tab ( where there is a tableView ) and 'selects' the first row in that tableView to open.

any ideas would be helpful, thanks!


— asked June 23rd 2010 by danno watts
  • iphone
  • mobile
  • tableview
  • tabs

1 Answer

  • You should have a handle (access) to the tableview in the other tab, then set the active tab on your tab and fire the event

    var tbl_other_tab;
    var tabgroup;

    tbl_other_tab.fireEvent("click",{index : 1});
    the tblview should get the event and its e.index would be 1 or the second row in the tableview

    — answered September 11th 2011 by Jason Meulenhoff
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