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Info.plist.template not working under 1.3.x

Hi there,

for my project I need to change some stuff in Info.plist. So I changed the Info.plist.template but these changes are not reflected in the generated Info.plist. This works under 1.2.0 but not under 1.3.x (I tested the latest 1.3.2 as well). I wonder if this affects others as well, because I could't find a lighthouse ticket for this bug. According to this post this seems to be a known issue but with no response from the Appcelerator team so far.

I really need a stable solution for making custom changes to Info.plist.

Regards, René

— asked June 23rd 2010 by René Sprotte
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  • info.plist
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    We're in the process of trying to get out 1.4 … :)

    Copy Info.plist to your project directory (root) and it will use it. We had some race conditions in the template and are now moving towards put customized files like this in the project root.

    — answered June 28th 2010 by Jeff Haynie
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    • Great. Thanks a lot.

      — commented June 28th 2010 by René Sprotte
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