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Run on Device, Syncing

I am trying to run my application on a physical device for the first time. I am able to press "Install Now" in the "Run on Device" menu, and it builds correctly and appears to load into iTunes without any problems. However, when I access the connected iPhone device in iTunes, my only option is to do a full Sync (overwriting all existing apps on the iPhone). The drag-and-drop functionality seems to be completely disabled, and I can't select the box to only sync the individual app. Why might this be?

— asked June 23rd 2010 by Mike Dosey
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2 Answers

  • I had to transfer all applications from the iPhone to iTunes and then do a sync. It worked fine after that.

    — answered June 30th 2010 by Mike Dosey
  • This one tricked me up badly.

    I have a PC at home with iTunes that I do my personal iTunes syncing on.

    I have a Mac at work with iTunes that I do my development on.

    I found the following worked for me. There is probably a better way, but this way worked for me at setting up two different dev Macs.

    Authorise Mac iTunes to same account as my PC (The one I sync with at home and backup my iPhone on normally).

    Attach iPhone to Mac.

    Sync with iTunes.

    Right Click on iPhone in iTunes, transfer purchases to Mac.

    Sync again.

    Go into profile for iPhone in iTunes. In Apps, make sure "Sync Apps" is checked.

    Synch iPhone.

    The Apps turn up in Phone almost random with many missing.

    Go back to iTunes and list of Apps and make sure that are all selected.

    Synch again.

    You are now reedy to deploy your app.

    Compile App, Deploy to device.

    Make sure it is Checked in iTunes in the list of Apps for the iPhone.




    — answered September 2nd 2011 by James McParlane
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