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Getting an invalid image type error, not sure why

I get this:

[WARN] invalid image type. expected either TiBlob or TiFile, was: TiFilesystemFileProxy in -[TiUIImageView setImage_:] (TiUIImageView.m:595)
[ERROR] The application has crashed with an unhandled exception. Stack trace:

This has only started happening since going from SDK3.1 to SDK4.0 with Titanium 1.3.2 on iPhone.

Any ideas?

— asked June 23rd 2010 by Stephen Page
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    well i noticed that for me that error was happening because i was trying to assign an image to an imageView by using the "image" property instead of the "url" property (which has since been deprecated).

    using the new "image" property works great in mobile sdk 1.3.2 but breaks the app inside mobile sdk 1.3
    literally just found that out because i was going to switch back to sdk 1.3 because the tableView's are SO sluggish on my actual device when using mobile sdk 1.3.2!

    hope that helps!


    — answered June 24th 2010 by danno watts
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