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app crashing fatal error

win 7 64
titanium 1.0

Newly created project… nothing is modified.

when i click «launch app» the app is starting and after a few second (2-3 sec). The app quit and i have the following message:

"myApp appears to have encountered a fatal error and cannot continue.
The application has collected information about the error in the form of a detailed error report.If you send the crash report, we will attempt to resolve this problem."

— asked June 26th 2010 by Edouard Duplessis
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4 Answers

  • Any idea when the upcoming release is going to fix these?

    — answered August 26th 2010 by Greg Bulmash
  • Just tried the new Desktop 1.1 release and this issue is STILL happening!

    — answered December 20th 2010 by Greg Bulmash
  • I just noticed the same issue on the mint new Titanium Debeloper 1.2.2 installation — if I enable the 'PHP' checkbox, the blank new app will crash the same way. If I uncheck it, it will compile just fine.

    I'm also on Windows 7 / x64, if that matters.

    — answered December 18th 2010 by Igor Afanasyev
  • There is some known stability issues we had on Windows, but I think we have those fixed up
    for our upcoming release. Thank you for bring this to our attention.

    — answered July 4th 2010 by Josh Roesslein
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