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Let's have a round of applause for the Appcelerator Team.

We all have our crabby moments where we throw the book at them (or perhaps their own documentation). But on the whole the Titanium Platform is moving forward at an extraordinary rate.

I've been using Titanium for about a month now and I have to say that while there is severe limitations in Android where I live. Everyone has to remember that it's not just our own little niche, Titanium also supports desktop, iPhone, Android and Soon Blackberry.

We all experience Titanium differently but i think we need to keep perspective of how much easier it is to program for our own areas because of the work they are doing.

I'd like to start off the thanks for Titanium, As it has allowed us to push to market 3 apps so far in about a month, with several more in varying states of polish. Compared to our previous timeframe of 1 app per month, with difficult apps taking several months.

We are very happy with Titanium and can't wait to see some of the new features which we've all been hearing about.

  • Titanium IDE
  • Custom Modules for Mobile SDK
  • Heaps of fixes for the XHR (Thank God!)

So everyone take a sec to remember how much they've helped you out, even if it's just by providing the platform, Which is an amazing feat

Ryan Tregea

— asked June 27th 2010 by Ryan Tregea
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2 Answers

  • you are right, the are doing great work, however there are bugs (like memory leaking-objects) that are not fixed fast enough, and users aren't able to fix this on their own (unless you are an experienced coder for the native sdk)

    if properties or methods aren't implemented, one often is able to code around it, or able to create this feature by using standard view-objects and standard javascript code

    also the iphone implementation is far more progressed than the android one, which should be "fixed" as soon as possible in my opinion, cause the framework on it's own is simply the best thing on the market now

    — answered June 27th 2010 by Christian Sigl
  • You're right aswell, The leaks and Performance issues are becoming quite a limiting factor. I just thought I'd remind everyone that without Titanium, We'd be in the dark comparatively.

    Perhaps we should get a feature voting system, So that we can vote things up that we need fixed ASAP, Sometimes i think the devs are on a different page to us. When i check the lighthouse

    I'd love to see android have some of the most basic iPhone things, Like Animation. It really does make it difficult to compete.

    We show clients the apps on android, and then they take out their iPhone and point out how more polished iPhone apps look. Which we try to get around by skinning everything with a professional designer, which then slows down the app. We can't win.

    Their own survey said that android will be the winner in the long run anyway.

    — answered June 27th 2010 by Ryan Tregea
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