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weird multi-window behavior

I've tried 2 different attacks on a problem, and they've both yielded strange results. So I'm posting them together, even though it's two separate issues…

The goal I am trying to achieve is an app with multiple windows:

  • each window has its own .js file driving it
  • the first page has buttons that link to each of the others
  • on each page is a left/right arrow that takes the user to the next or previous page (ideally with a cute animation)
  • I do NOT want visible tabs or the navigation bar, as this needs to work on iphone and android without serious recoding (and the android tabs look stinky)

I worked it 2 ways:
1 - using tabs, but made them hidden on each page (tabBarHidden and navBarHidden on all windows)

2 - using an array of windows that simply get opened/closed programmatically by buttons.

so here are the problems:
1 - (with tabs) jumping from the main page to tabs 1-4 using setActiveTab works great. BUT, when you try to jump to a tab that would be under the 'more' tab (I have 10 tabs), the windows seems to open (the background image shows up) but the code on the page fails to execute. No crash, but no action, and nothing showing from the window's .js file in the debugger…

so on with attempt 2 (via regular windows):
this functions perfectly, EXCEPT (of course) that when I re-visit a window more than once, the tables rendered on it with transparent or semi-opaque backgrounds turn solid and any rounded corners disappear.
So - I suppose I can use this and just lose the nice formatting - but WHY would this happen?

This has been tested using all iphone sdks 3.1 - 3.2, and titanium 1.3.1

Thanks for any ideas!

— asked June 28th 2010 by david hoare
  • buttons
  • multiple
  • tabs
  • transitions
  • windows

1 Answer

  • Hi David, if you're using a navGroup, your problem might be linked to this bug.

    — answered June 29th 2010 by Matt Collinge
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    • appreciate it, Matt, but no, I'm not using the navGroup - I need a multi-platform solution… :-(

      — commented June 29th 2010 by david hoare
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