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Swarm SG display touch sensibility

Swarm SG is a very recommendable game for the iPad. Great job & game idea. Buy !

However, it is difficult to press the buttons on screen correctly and moving the pieces is also more difficult compared to other iPad games.

As I am planning to set up a developing platform for the iPad:

Is this appcelerator - iPad specific ? Or a bug within the game ?

Best regards


— asked June 29th 2010 by Rudolf Bumm
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3 Answers

  • Swarm SG is done in a webview as far as I know, so I think the issue is with the code that registers and use the touch events. Nothing to do with Titanium.

    — answered June 29th 2010 by Dan Tamas
  • It's interesting that you say that because for me it behaves just like any other ipad app.

    However, I have done some live experiments to try to understand what is going on and I noticed that for some reason a lot of people use the very tip of their finger when playing swarm rather than the fleshy pad of their finger - and that makes a big different to how responsive the ipad is (in any app).

    If you use the pad of your finger (rather than than the tip) do you find that Swarm has the same level of un-responsiveness as you describe above?

    I also notice that this seems to be peculiar to swarm, so I wonder if it's a ui size/layout/design thing.

    — answered July 5th 2010 by Justin Vincent
  • Justin yes you are right - I usually can press the buttons much better other parts of the finger) than my sons if playing against them (using . However, iPad games like harbour master show perfect touch sensibility, which feels much better than the current version of swarm .

    If you plan an update it would be great to (1) have a look at the sensitivity thing (is it within your code or specific to appcelerator) and (2) make the buttons for undo and pass bigger and more responsive. (3) would be to implement someting like a "Really draw ?" alert message if you experiment with the pieces and use up all your dice points. It happend to us many times that we were just planning moves, but used up all dice points and the move was automatically done (hope you see what I mean)


    — answered July 13th 2010 by Rudolf Bumm
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