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iOS 4 2x-resolution image asset support?

So the new iPhone makes older apps look pixelated & blocky compared to the 3GS.

When is Titanium going to support the 2x asset support for the latest iOS so we can offer 1x & 2x sized image assets for our apps?

— asked June 29th 2010 by James Whittaker
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4 Answers

  • i think it was added to github-code yesterday, so they are on it at the moment

    — answered June 29th 2010 by Christian Sigl
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    • Hopefully so. Having see the device hands on you realise that it's very much needed for the next generation of apps. As mine won't be ready for a few weeks I would love to be able to take advantage of that amazing screen!

      — commented June 29th 2010 by James Whittaker
  • If it's in github does that mean I can get an updated version of Titanium that supports @2x tweak now? Or should I wait for Titanium 1.4 (which, incidentally, was supposed to come out yesterday, June 28th). Haven't heard anything about it.

    — answered June 29th 2010 by Clifton Labrum
  • I have just downloaded the latest version from github and am unsure if the @2x style is supported yet.

    It would be great to know the state of this from someone inside at Appcelerator, just to manage the expectations. The new iPhone4 display is so amazing that low resolution (comparatively!) look out of place with high quality SVGs within a UI.

    Incidentally, here is a great page from Apple on the resolutions for people that are interested:

    — answered June 30th 2010 by Sam Sykes
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    • Incidently how are you building from source? I have another question trying to get my build issues resolved any pointers welcomed.

      — commented June 30th 2010 by James Whittaker
  • I see that this has been resolved and there is further info here, although there is still a bug whereby it will use the @2x images on any iOS4 device, irrespective of the display resolution.

    Still brilliant to get high res images for testing and development.

    — answered June 30th 2010 by Sam Sykes
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