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Building Titanium from Source.

Hi there.
Is there a doc somewhere that shows how to build from source?
I seem to be missing some components from the github such as those in the lib directory - ant.jar, xmlapis.jar, ant-nodeps.jar, ant-launcher.jar and titanium.jar?

— asked March 18th 2010 by Gregor Munro
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3 Answers

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    ###Here is how to build Titanium Mobile from source:###

    Pre-requisite: You need Python and "scons" to build. If you're running 2.5 you may need to install JSON, if it's not already installed. v2.6 already includes the JSON module.

    1. Download the Titanium Mobile source from Git.
      git clone git@github.com:appcelerator/titanium_mobile.git


    git clone git://github.com/appcelerator/titanium_mobile.git



    2. Unzip the project and run `scons` from the command line within the project root directory:


    Assuming your build was successful, you will see a zip file in the `[ZIPPATH]/titanium_mobile/dist/` folder.
    3. Unzip the new distribution file and put the new `mobilesdk` source in the Titanium application directory:

    /Library/Application Support/Titanium/mobilesdk/osx/

    You can do this by navigating to the `/Library/Application Support/Titanium/` directory and typing the following:

    unzip "[ZIPPATH]"/titanium_mobile/dist/
    Change the zip name if needed

    This will install Titanium Mobile in the proper directory (mobilesdk/osx/). You can manually do this, too. Either way.

    Restart Titanium Developer and select the new SDK version for your project (it's in the Edit Project tab).

    — answered March 18th 2010 by TZ Martin
  • I'm not sure about the last one, but the other four look to be part of the normal Apache ant distribution (ant.apache.org).

    — answered March 18th 2010 by Howard Fore
  • OK, so I must have had a file corruption because I deleted and reinstalled the github clone and now it works fine.

    I would still like to see a doc on this tho for prosperities sake - especially in sofar as how to extend titanium with new modules.


    — answered March 18th 2010 by Gregor Munro
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