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KitchenSink tableview.data.length not defined

Note: the title of this post should be tableview.data.length does not return the current number of rows.

Platform: Android, emulator, Ti 1.3.2

How can I determine the number of rows in a tableView at any given time?

An example in the KS at table_view_row_delete.js results in an exception after row 5 is deleted, because tableview.data.length-1 on line 52 always returns 4 (and after row 5 is deleted, id 4 no longer exists).

Inserting this code at line 49 and opening the delete row page will make the problem clear:

Ti.API.info('Number of table rows: '+tableview.data.length);
Ti.API.info("deleting row");
Ti.API.info('Number of table rows: '+tableview.data.length);

I'd appreciate it if some Ti people could confirm whether or not this is a bug, and whether there is a workaround?

Much appreciated

— asked June 29th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
  • android
  • emulator

3 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    Also getting an error with tableview.data and tableview.getData().

    On iOS it always returns 1 and I can't actually access/loop through the data.

    — answered February 17th 2011 by Daniel Andersson
    • Daniel

      This issue is now being tracked in ticket #1215. You can sign up and watch it to receive an email when it is resolved.

      — commented February 17th 2011 by Paul Dowsett
    • That link no longer works and I am still experiencing this issue, how can I track it?

      — commented August 12th 2011 by Andrew Gertig
  • This is an 1 year old question, but I found myself in trouble to get the answer for this problem, so this is what I did to work:

    var row1 = Ti.UI.createTableViewRow({...});
    Ti.API.info("Number of table rows: " + tableview.[0].rows.length);
    — answered March 13th 2012 by José Júnior
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    • Old answer but the correct information is here:

      also tableview.[0] is a syntax error, needs to be tableview.data[0].rows.length

      — commented October 8th 2013 by Michiel D
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