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alertdialog not waiting

i have noticed that alertdialogs do not wait for the user to click them before continuing with the code when on iphones.
this results in an infinite loop of alertdialogs in my app. it also results in somtehing like:

Titanium.UI.createAlertDialog({message: '1st'}).show();
Titanium.UI.createAlertDialog({message: '2nd'}).show();

to be shown in the wrong order

is there a way to tell the alertdialogs to wait for the user to click ok?

— asked June 30th 2010 by George Schwab
  • alertdialog
  • iphone
  • wait

1 Answer

  • Create and show the alert only when you need it ( on a click event, on an error, when you want to say something, etc).
    This way it will work fine and u'll also save memory and cpu.

    — answered August 8th 2011 by Dan Tamas
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